Decades of experience helping companies manage their knowledge, processes and operations has taught us that many organizations struggle with effective decision making at all levels, from senior management down to front-line workers.

The full range of factors an organization needs to consider — such as business or regulatory requirements — isn’t adequately factored into decision making. The basis for decisions aren’t fully documented, leading to gaps in institutional knowledge and problems down the road with consistency and integrity. The results of decisions aren’t effectively communicated, causing problems with implementation and recovery. The organization becomes vulnerable with respect to succession, business continuity, quality management, regulatory oversight, and risk management.

Ineffective decision making has real-world consequences. Organizations spend time and money on things that don’t actually serve the interests of their stakeholders. Organizations also fail to focus on things that can seriously challenge performance and safety. Productivity drops and risk increases, leading to bad outcomes for the organization and its stakeholders, and sometimes for society as a whole. In fact, almost every organizational failure and human-caused disaster has happened because of poor decision making.

But such failures and disasters can be averted. Modern communications and information technologies have already transformed the way we all do business, but they also create new opportunities to improve how we make decisions, apply knowledge, and manage change.

RÜBX’s mission is to leverage technology in order to transform decision making and change management for complex organizations engaged in high-consequence environments. Think aviation and transportation, banking, oil and gas, mining. construction, cybersecurity, industrial, or nuclear sectors. Organizations doing risky things in highly regulated environments. Organizations that have to get it right, every time.

We’re here to help do just that.